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Nail treatment

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Onychomycosis is an infectious disease of human nails. It is caused by fungal infection.There are many kinds of pathogenic fungi that can cause onychomycosis, and the latest investigation results of etiology show that onychomycosis in China is mainly caused by three fungal infections, namely psoriasis, yeast and molds, and there is a certain proportion of mixed infection.Onychomycosis, the scientific name is onychomycosis, is caused by skin fungus invasion refers to (toe) nail and a class of diseases.Most of them are discoloration, thickening, accumulation of filth or damage to deck.

Symptoms of onychomycosis:

1.Proximal subnail nail: relatively rare, most secondary to paronychia.First, the deck turned white near the nail crack (that is, the proximal end of the deck), then gradually expanded into spots, and finally the partial deck was missing and expanded to the full armor.This type only red tinea and rose-colored tinea caused by.

2.Distal subtoenail: the distal (lateral edge) deck of the nail is initially shown as irregular patches of white spots, which then become dull gray spots and gradually turn yellowish brown to black.Soon the deck was decaying, the cuticle debris under the armor piled up, and the armor bed thickened.Eventually the deck shrank and there was occasional bleeding.This type is often caused by red gypsum or flocculent psoriasis.

3. white superficial nail: common in the toenail.It is shown that there are white spots or patches of 1 mm diameter on the surface of the deck, and the nail is brittle and scraped off.This type is only caused by gypsum - like trichomycetes or mould - like bacteria fusarium and aspergillus.

4. whole nail malnutrition type nails: this is not very common, often for the above types of the final development of the results.Show for whole armour loses luster, metamorphosis, thicken or shatter, after shedding, leave abnormal thicken armour bed. 5. chronic skin mucosa candida a (or true candida tinea) nail: the performance of the whole nail metamorphosis, swelling, brittle, warty surface, bumpy.

6. Chronic paronychia type nail: it is manifested as lateral nail plica and proximal nail wrinkles, and the epidermal protective film is deteriorated or brown.The most important feature is the presence of parathyroitis, perionychal plica swelling without hyperkeratosis, with a small amount of fluid but no abscess.This type is also caused by candida.

7. Fungal toenail a: it is manifested as thick beriberi (commonly known as "HongKong foot"), putrefying in toe groove and water rash. So those are the symptoms of nail, and if you have one of those symptoms, you have toenails, but But there are ways to treat nails, and it’s not difficult to treat it, the most important thing is to get it right.

The traditional treatment for nail is to scrape the brittle nail with a knife before medication, or to thin the nail, and then apply 5% iodine tincture or 10-30% glacial acetic acid solution. It will take at least a year for this method to be effective. Many patients are interrupted because of the color of iodine, the smell of glacial acetic acid, and the length of treatment.

Moreover, the tight structure of the nail prevents the penetration of external drugs, and the cure rate of these traditional external drugs is low.

At present, the most advanced and simple treatment method in China is the use of ZZ - 2 UV treatment equipment.ZZ - 2 type UV treatment instrument is the use of advanced electronic circuit, and the special cold light source quartz lamp reliable cooperation, high intensity of short wave (253.7nm) and the right amount of medium wave (313nm) ultraviolet light, the right amount of medium and short wave ultraviolet light is the best anti-inflammatory rays.The product features reliable performance, small size, light weight, easy to use, suitable price and multi-function, and has the leading position at home and abroad.It is mainly used for the treatment of various stubborn and multiple skin diseases, as well as disinfection and sterilization.

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