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UV application

UV board coating

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UV coating

UV board coating

Liquid photo conductive flux (commonly known as green oil) is a protective coating applied to circuits and substrates that do not require soldering on printed circuit boards or used as a soldering flux.The purpose is to protect the resulting line pattern over time.

Liquid photo imaging soldering ink main components include: epoxy and acrylic resin with photosensitive properties, such as propylene glycol epoxy resin, phenolic epoxy resin, phenolic epoxy resin, phenolic epoxy resin and ethyl amine formate; Photoinitiators, such as thioxanthrone, diphenylmethyl ketone, carbonyl compounds, ketone, amine organic metal compounds, etc. Filler, such as silica powder;Hardener, such as aromatic lipid, acid anhydride, mialite;Solvents, such as ether esters;Antifoaming agents and so on.Coating methods generally use screen leakage, and wet film similar.

It works like this:

(1)prevent physical disconnection of conductor circuit;

(2) prevent short circuit caused by bridge connection in welding process;

(3) only weld the parts that must be welded to avoid waste of solder;

(4) reduce the copper pollution to the welding material tank;

(5) to prevent deterioration and corrosion of insulation caused by dust, moisture and other external environmental factors;

(6) high insulation makes it possible to make the circuit high-density.

Solder Mask, has red, blue, green, purple, white, black and other colors. Because green is the most commonly used color, many people also call Solder Mask green oil.Soldering green oil is a common name in mainland China, and Taiwan is called "soldering resistance", which I think is more appropriate.

Solder resist ink before use is viscous state, by printing, preliminary drying, counterpoint, exposure, development and after curing process, will need to be in the position of the end customer for welding or assembling all bare, without the need for all welding or assembly of base material, the copper foil position with solder resist ink cover, such a resistance welding layer has excellent resistance to acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, high temperature performance, etc.

Soldering layer has several functions on PCB board:

1.Cover the base material between lines to prevent short circuit between lines.

2. Cover all conductive lines that do not need to be welded to prevent oxidation of copper layer and short-circuit the connection of conductive lines in the process of surface treatment.

3. During reflow welding, wave soldering and manual soldering on the client side, it shall prevent short circuit of tin between conductive lines and welding plates.

Application: UV (UV) coating curing

Suitable sections: PCB green oil UV curing wavelength of 365nm, soldering ink curing, etching, green oil, etc.

Li performance characteristics: Multi-lamp, high-strength design, to meet the requirements of high temperature and high energy in the process of printed circuit board technology;

Three-stage structure, each is independent control, according to the needs of the process can be flexible choice of the number of lights on the light source, to achieve matching with the pre-process;

Adopt the chain type transmission system, can carry a certain weight of PCB products, transportation is smooth, safe; Frequency conversion control speed, high control accuracy; System equipment considering comprehensive performance, beautiful, practical.

Technical parameters:

Power requirements: three-phase five-wire 380VAC (power frequency ac) 50HZ (Hertz)

Power: about 60KW (kw)

Dimensions: 4900 L (length) * 1170W (width) * 2010H (height) mm (mm)

Transportation speed: 0-20 m/min (m/min)

Conveying width: 900mm (mm)

Mesh belt material: metal mesh belt, through the shaft

Cooling mode: forced air cooling

Light source type: high pressure mercury lamp

Lamp line power: 80w/cm

Light source configuration: 8KW*9, RW5 lamp holder.

Light source life: according to rw-dx06 acceleration equivalent test, the average is greater than 600 (h) hours, and the light attenuation is not less than 80%.

Main peak wavelength: 365nm (nano)

Power adjustment: 100% full power

Typical features: aluminum reflector

Typical applications: UV soldering ink, green oil curing, suitable for non-explosion proof environment.

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