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UV application

UV offset printing

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UV胶印 UV胶印


UV offset press is the use of UV ink printing offset press.UV offset presses need to install UV curing equipment.Due to the special nature of UV ink, the corresponding parts of the printing press also need to be modified to meet the needs of UV curing.

※Cooling device: since the UV curing device is a heat source, the cooling device cannot be ignored.The performance of the cooling device corresponding to the UV curing device should also meet the requirements.The better the performance, the less heat the substrate, the smaller the deformation, the more conducive to printing and registration.

Parts in detail

※Ink roller and blanket: UV offset printing ink due to its strong corrosion, may lead to ordinary printing ink roller, blanket expansion, affect the stability of printing pressure, serious, will also produce peeling or surface fragmentation.Therefore, UV offset printing on cots and blanket requirements are very high, roller, blanket selection must be compatible with UV offset printing ink. Note the following.

※Ink roller: the ink roller needs to be replaced with UV or both.Usually choose EPDM rubber (EPDM) or silicone rubber made of rubber roller, the hardness had better be in xiao 40.above.

※Blanket: blanket needs to be replaced with UV or both.Can choose the following two kinds of blanket. UV blanket: blanket mixture with UV resin composition, UV light can be resistant to irradiation, blanket is not easy to powder.

UV self-adhesive blanket: the rubber surface contains UV resistant resin, used for UV printing, life can be extended.

※Paper teeth: ordinary paper teeth in UV lamp irradiation, tooth parts will be affected by thermal deformation, registration and printing.Therefore, there is a UV curing device on the set of paper teeth must be replaced by UV dedicated paper teeth.The general offset printing unit is not very strict in its paper teeth requirements.

※Special plate, plate can choose special UV or combination, also can be carried out on the ordinary plate heat treatment to obtain, in accordance with the ordinary PS version of drying system of conventional methods, need baked version temperature (250 ℃), 10 ~ 15 minutes.CTP also need to be baked version temperature (250 ℃) 10 ~ 15 minutes.

※Fountain solution: fountain solution should choose not to contain too much gum Arabic fountain solution

※Ink cleaner: ink cleaner to choose UV printing special, the use of ordinary ink cleaner will damage the UV printing plate.

※UV offset printing machine investment cost is higher than ordinary offset printing equipment; UV offset printing than ordinary offset printing application range is wide, market dispersion, market development investment is large, so the market starts slowly, the investment risk is large.


UV offset printing ink cost of traditional offset printing ink 4 ~ 5 times, the cost of printing materials is also very high, so the production management, technology, cost control and other aspects of printing production need to be more rigorous, once the proportion of material loss is not controlled well, will lead to printing cost is much higher than ordinary offset printing.Therefore, intends to enter the UV offset market packaging printing enterprises, should be in view of their own situation to choose UV offset printing equipment or transform the existing offset printing press, and in the printing process, do a good job of recording, well master UV offset printing process, i

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