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UV material

UV conductive adhesive

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UV conductive adhesive

UV curable conductive adhesives are prepared by mixing and grinding photoinitiators, reactive diluent monomers, conductive particles, photoinitiators and thermal initiators, and antioxidants. Among them, the photosensitive polymer is epoxy acrylic resin or/and polyurethane acrylate; the reactive diluent monomer is single, double and multi-functional monomer of acrylic acid; and the conductive particles are silver powder, copper powder or silver-plated copper powder. It can be widely used in tactile screen, CSP, FPC, FPC/ITO glass, PET/ITO glass, PET/PET, Flipchip, LCD, TP, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), thin film switch, EL backlight terminal and other fields of fast bonding conduction. It can also meet the needs of microelectronic packaging technology such as polyester, thin film circuit, PCB circuit board, etc. Due to the photochemical sensitivity of UV-UV curable conductive adhesives, the production efficiency can be greatly improved; construction safety: no solvent participation, favorable environment; low curing temperature, especially for the use of thermal sensitive materials, and can solve deep curing; low curing energy consumption, cost savings; good adhesion after curing. Solvent resistance; high bonding strength, low resistivity; and suitable for large-scale production of automated pipeline. LAMPLIC's UV conductive adhesives, in LCM module, PFD (flat panel display), liquid crystal display (LCD), plasma display (PDP), electroluminescent display (ELD), organic electroluminescent display (OLED), field emission display (FED), projection display and other fields have been successful cases.

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