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ACA UV anisotropic conductive adhesive

UV material

ACA UV anisotropic conductive adhesive

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Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive (ACA) is a kind of special conductive adhesive which conducts electricity only in one direction, but in the other direction the resistance is very large or almost no conductive. It is mainly used in the process of manufacturing and assembling electronic parts, so that the short circuit between two conductive joints in short distance will not occur.
In order to meet the need of high-density ultra-fine line connection, LAMPLIC CO.,LTD developed UV curable anisotropic conductive adhesives. The anisotropic conductive adhesives (ACA) cured effectively by UV (ultraviolet) were obtained. Ultraviolet curable anisotropic conductive adhesives provide a new way to connect liquid crystal display (LCD) with electroluminescent display (OLED). Especially for Z conduction between thermal sensitive substrates or thermal sensitive materials, this new UV curable anisotropic conductive adhesive provides a more suitable process.


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