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UV material

ACA anisotropic conductive adhesive

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Anisotropic conductive adhesives (ACA) provided by LAMPLIC CO.,LTD can achieve conductivity only in Z-axis direction by accurately controlling the distribution of conductive fillers (gold-plated or silver particles) in the adhesives matrix.
When heated and pressed, conductive particles form continuous conduction in Z direction between the chip bump pad and the base plate pad. In the area between the base plate and the pad, the epoxy matrix and the rest of the particles are used as insulators to prevent current from flowing in any other direction.
These adhesives can be used for dispensing, spray valves, or screen printing process construction. Curing can be completed in less than 7 seconds at 180C under certain pressure. Cyclic tests under high temperature and humidity environment show that the blue spectrum Rick products have stable contact resistance and conductivity of gold particles.
LAMPLIC CO.,LTD anisotropic conductive adhesives provide strong conductive bonding and fast assembly processes for fine circuit spacing. The test results show that there is no short-circuit phenomenon in the fine circuit spacing of 80 micron (70 micron pad 10 micron isolation).

ACA anisotropic conductive adhesive

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