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UV application

Medical device

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LAMPLIC CO.,LTD is committed to providing a full range of UV-LED curing solutions for photoelectronic components. It has been widely used in UV curing and other fields, including LCD touch screen curing, UV lens curing, electronic components curing and so on. LED UV has made rapid development in replacing traditional mercury lamp. This green, environmental friendly, efficient and simple production method of UV LED technology has penetrated into every field of industrial production.
Medical glue is widely used in disposable medical products and medical testing equipment, such as syringe needles, hemodialysis filters, blood bags, endoscopes, breathing masks, CT testing equipment, etc.
These medical products are usually made of a variety of synthetic materials or metals, including commonly used PC, ABS, PVC, TPU, stainless steel, as well as difficult-to-bond plastics such as PEEK, PE and P P.
Medical grade glue can be classified into:
Glue type
Cyanoacrylate instant drying adhesive
Silicone adhesive
Relying on air moisture curing, rapid curing, for most materials have good bonding effect, but there are problems of poor moisture resistance, water resistance, temperature resistance.
It has good bonding effect on silicone materials. It relies on air humidity curing or UV light and humidity curing, but its strength is low, so it is not suitable for structural bonding.
It has good bonding effect for most materials, and can be cured at room temperature or by heating. Some products can be cured by UV light, which is generally UV light curing system. It has high selectivity and versatility in viscosity and hardness.
UV-curable medical grade glue has the advantage of fast curing on-line under the condition of UV irradiation. Acrylate type, silicone type and epoxy type products can be selected according to the material composition.
UV photocurable adhesive type
Rapid curing, good flexibility of viscosity and hardness, good bonding effect on silicone materials. Most of the wet gas secondary curing has good bonding effect on many materials. For the non-irradiated parts of UV light, it can be combined with the wet gas secondary curing. For most materials, it is rare. Bonding effect
Unirradiated parts of UV light will not solidify
Its strength is low.
Less models of optional products
Weak moisture resistance
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