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Curing common sense
Conventional LED packaging method and application field
At present, the packaging methods of led are: bracket row package, patch package, module package several, these packaging methods are common and commonly used.
LED application in the field of plant cultivation
So far, LED has been successfully used in a variety of plant cultivation experiments, including: lettuce, pepper, courgette, wheat, spinach, tiger head orchid, strawberry, potato, white crane and algae [etc. With the deepening of LED research, more and more plant cultivation will be successful.
LED application in the field of plant tissue culture
Plant tissue culture is a rapid breeding technology that can obtain a large number of seedlings of the same quality in a short period of time through large-scale production. The breeding seedlings are fast-adapted and are not subject to external climate, topography, geography and time.
LED application in plant factories
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As the most advanced development stage of facility horticulture, plant factories are considered to be one of the important technical means for the revolutionary breakthrough of agriculture in the 21st century. The plant factory is a high-efficiency agricultural system that realizes the continuous production of crops by high-precision control of the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration and nutrition of the plant growth process in the facility.
Application Research of LED in Space Agriculture
With the development of space technology, human space exploration has gradually become a reality. Based on the special requirements of space environment, the light source used in plant cultivation must have high luminous efficiency, output spectrum is consistent with plant photosynthesis demand, small size, light weight and long life. , no pollution and other characteristics.
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