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UV Type of light


Labeling machines

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The light source of UVLED label machine is a very active new application market in recent two years, but there are not many mature products, product form, structure and heat dissipation. The most important thing is the integrated matching of power drive control. How to make it easy to install, especially suitable for mass refitting market? Blueprint Rick Technology Co., Ltd. is the first domestic manufacturer of UVLED to provide a complete set of design changes. Solution. With a relatively complete design team, it can meet the equipment requirements of all the light sources of the label machine.
UVLED Label Printing Light Source
Scope of application:
1. All kinds of rotary machines, semi-rotary machines, intermittent multi-color trademark machines, intermittent label printers, computer report printing rotary machines and so on.
2. Applicable to all kinds of brand label printing presses at home and abroad.
3. It is suitable for the drying and curing of UV ink for all kinds of trademark card barcode printing, and the drying and curing of computer report paper. The printing speed can reach 50-250M/min.
Characteristics of UVLED label printed light source products:
1. Imported high-power UV LED chip. Lower power consumption, stronger UV energy output, long service life.
2. Using water-cooling method, installation, maintenance and use are more reliable, convenient and space-saving.
3. Most color groups can be completely cured at 35%-70% power. Compared with peers, the advantages of energy saving are obvious.
4. According to the actual printing width, the corresponding unit LED module can be opened to save more electricity.
5. Industrial touch screen settings, easy to use, convenient and reliable. It can store many kinds of printing and curing records in the past.
6. The equipment has temperature control and module fault switch device. When the temperature is over-heated and the module fails, the circuit will be cut off and the alarm will be given.
7. The equipment has the function of choosing common material and heat-sensitive material. When choosing heat-sensitive material, the surface temperature of material is lower, so as to improve the quality of printing.
Basic parameters of UV LED light source
[Power] 380V/50Hz
[Wavelength] 365, 395 and 405 nm
[Optical power] 12 000 mw/cm2
[Light source emission area]: 260*20, 330*20, 530*20 (mm)
[Heat dissipation]: water cooling
Connection length: optional
[Control Mode]: Low Level/Pulse/Plc
[Time Settings]: 1-999 (s)/Changliang
[Power setting] 0%~100%
[Protective Device]: Stability Protection/Current Detection
[Application] Ink Curing of Label Printer

Label Printer
Labeling machines