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UV Type of light


high-efficiency UV electrodeless ultraviolet lamp

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Lamplic high-efficiency UV electrodeless ultraviolet lamp is a kind of ultraviolet light source which ionizes rare gas in high-energy microwave field and emits light. Its lamp tube has neither filament nor electrode, but fills a small amount of glowing gas and luminescent material in the vacuum quartz tube.
1: The lamp has no electrodes, the end of the lamp will not become black, and its life is over 10,000 hours.
2: Quick start and restart. There is no need to use the shutter and its supporting mechanical devices.
3: When infrared radiation is low: 5 m/min linear velocity, the curing temperature is 45 + 5.
4: Ultraviolet light output is strong, the intensity is more than five times the traditional polar lamp, compared with the traditional lamp power saving more than 60%.
5: Simple structure, easy to use and maintain
6: Several different spectral outputs can be provided. Users can optimize the ultraviolet wavelength according to the sensitivity of chemical reaction used to obtain the required final product performance. Blue-spectrum Rick high-efficiency UV electrodeless ultraviolet lamp is a kind of magnetic energy lamp. It is a high-tech product developed by comprehensive application of the latest scientific and technological achievements in optics, power electronics, plasma science, magnetic materials and other fields. It is a new type of light which represents the future development direction of high light efficiency, long life and high color rendering of lighting technology. Source.
working frequency
High-frequency electrodeless lamp: 2.65 MHz, or 2650 KHz, is generally bubble-shaped.
Low frequency electrodeless lamp: 250KHz and 140 KHz, generally ring.
Luminous efficiency
Under the condition of guaranteeing the color rendering index Ra=80:
The light efficiency of high frequency electrodeless lamp is generally 80Lm/W.
The light efficiency of low frequency electrodeless lamp is generally 85 Lm/W.
The higher the power, the higher the light efficiency.
High frequency electrodeless lamp power range: 10W-200W
Low Frequency Poleless Lamp Power Range: 20W-400W
Shape of lamp
High-frequency electrodeless lamp: mainly with a variety of bulbs.
Low frequency electrodeless lamp: mainly ring, rectangle, but also spherical.
EMI electromagnetic interference
Lamplic high-efficiency UV electrodeless ultraviolet lamp products, regardless of high frequency and low frequency, like other electronic products, as long as the circuit design is reasonable, can be detected by electromagnetic interference.
Poleless lamp is a high-tech product developed by applying the latest scientific and technological achievements in the fields of power electronics, plasma science, magnetic materials and so on. The core material is the most critical component of the lamp. The performance of the core material directly determines the quality of the lamp.
Working principle:
Lamplic high-efficiency UV electrodeless ultraviolet lamp consists of three parts: high frequency generator, coupler and bulb. It is coupled to the lamp by induction through the electromagnetic field of the high frequency generator, so that the gas avalanche in the lamp ionizes and forms plasma. When plasma-stimulated atoms return to the ground state, they emit ultraviolet radiation. The phosphor inside the bulb is stimulated by ultraviolet light to produce visible light.
Main features:
1. There is no filament or electrode in the bulb, and the service life of the product is over 60,000 hours.
2. High luminous efficiency, high frequency electrodeless lamp 80Lm/W, low frequency electrodeless lamp 85Lm/W.
3. The color rendering index is more than 80, and the high-quality tri-basic phosphor is used with no distortion of color.
4. Wide voltage operation, voltage 185V-255V can work normally.
5. High frequency working frequency is 2.65 MHz and low frequency working frequency is 230 Hz. There is no stroboscopic effect in safety.
6. Light attenuation is small. After 20,000 hours, the light flux maintenance rate can reach 80%.
7. The instantaneous restart time is less than 0.5 seconds.
8. Low starting temperature, wide temperature range, 25 degrees below zero, all can start and work normally.
9. The power factor can be over 0.95. 10. Safety and reliability, environmental protection, maintenance-free and replacement-free.
Advantages and disadvantages
1. High-frequency electrodeless lamp is small in size, has many changes in the shape of the bulb, and can be equipped with more lamps. Old lamps can also be used with slight modification. Under the same power, the light efficiency is higher. The high-speed particle flow in the bulb forms a shield to eliminate electromagnetic radiation. However, due to the limitation of the size of the bulb, the power can not be done very much. Usually, the power can only be 200 W.
2. Low-frequency electrodeless lamp has excellent heat dissipation effect because of its external coupler and large size of lamp tube, so its power can be larger. However, due to the large size of the lamp is also very few, and cause some lumen loss. In addition, the external coupler makes it more difficult to solve EMI.
There are still some problems to be improved in the electrodeless lamp.
1. Lifetime problem of "electrodeless lamp": The theoretical life of the electrodeless lamp is 60,000 hours, but in fact, if we use cheaper components, including "electrolytic capacitor" life, it will lead to the high temperature environment of the electrodeless lamp, only about 16,000 hours, so we can not only use the theoretical life for propaganda. Especially for some low-cost electrodeless lamps, their life will certainly shrink greatly.
2. The problem of light efficiency of "electrodeless lamp": the theoretical light efficiency of electrodeless lamp is only 80Lm/W, while the actual product has only 65Lm/W. However, most of the energy emitted by the electrodeless lamp is concentrated in the visible part near 550 nm wavelength, so even if the overall luminous flux is not as good as sodium lamp, the naked eye of the electrodeless lamp will be brighter, which makes up for this shortcoming.
3. Volume problem of "electrodeless lamp": Because of special structure, the volume of electrodeless lamp is very small, which limits the entry of electrodeless lamp into the home decoration market.
4. Cost of "Polarless Lamp": The price of a set of conventional brand metal halide lamp is usually between 200 and 400, miscellaneous brands will be cheaper, and the market price of a set of Polarless Lamp to ensure quality (including life and light decay) is still around 600-700, even though it has a great decline, and the first-line brand may be nearly 1000. This makes it possible for many factories to abandon the electrodeless lamp even if it has better performance and energy saving, because of the investment budget when they build or replace the energy-saving lamp. Therefore, in order to achieve the popularity of metal halide lamp or compact fluorescent lamp (commonly known as energy-saving lamp), manufacturers need to make certain cost control on the premise of ensuring quality to make more users accept it, rather than only a few large enterprises or enterprises with better economic benefits will buy the lamp.
5. Power Factor and Harmonic Problem of "Poleless Lamp": Producers of "Poleless Lamp" publicize their power factor as high as 0.98 or higher. As we all know, power factor is a concept related to inductive or capacitive load. Because of the use of full bridge rectification, electrodeless lamp is easier to achieve this target, which is one of the reasons why many electrodeless lamp can replace metal halide lamp or sodium lamp with much higher power than their own. However, in the actual market, there will also be electrodeless lamps whose power factor can not reach this value. It is suggested that the electrodeless lamps should be tested before purchasing to determine.
6. The problem of high-power and heat dissipation of "electrodeless lamp": the problem of high-power of electrodeless lamp has not been a good breakthrough for a long time. We know that the high light efficiency sodium lamp emits heat at 170W, which makes the quartz lamp tube temperature as high as 400 C or even higher, but the quartz tube can work for a long time above 700 C, so the high temperature has little effect on its life. Although the heat of the electrodeless lamp is only more than 100 degrees when it works, the components of its electronic ballast are relatively sensitive to heat, so it is necessary to effectively separate the bulb temperature from the ballast, otherwise its life will be affected. And from the common sense point of view, the greater the power, the greater the calorific value. In order to ensure the service life, many manufacturers of electrodeless lamps generally make the power of electrodeless lamps less than 185W, the conventional power is 165W, and the traditional power of sodium lamps can reach 10000W. Therefore, there is still much work to be done to realize the high power of electrodeless lamps. However, as an energy-saving product, the power is not too small and can not be too demanding, but if the power can be bigger, its application places will be greatly increased, such as high pole lamps, long-distance spotlights, 18 meters above super-high factory buildings and so on, it is very difficult to see the shadow of the endless lamp.
7. Standardization of "Poleless Lamp": Since there is no unified national standard for the production of Poleless Lamp, the manufacturers generally adopt the enterprise standard or quote the standard of other lamps and lanterns, but according to the relevant provisions, the enterprise standard needs to be put on record by the quality and technical supervision department before it can be used, which makes the manufacturers of Poleless Lamp exist. Defined legal risks (enterprise standards are not filed, etc.). And because of the different standards, the products of manufacturers of endless lamp ballast can not be replaced freely, so customers can not choose after-sales service units independently, only suppliers, and most of the products are provided by distributors, their cooperation with manufacturers will directly affect the after-sales protection of users, which is also the case. One of the reasons why many users need to go all the way to the manufacturer when they choose to buy the endless lamp.
8. The misleading effect of "endless lamp" on energy saving: although the endless lamp can save energy, it can not achieve unlimited energy-saving substitution advertised by some manufacturers or sellers. According to the actual test, under the premise of ensuring that the brightness is not affected, even if the mirror lampshade with higher luminosity is used instead of the traditional metal halide lamp grinding cover, it can replace the metal halide lamp at most by 1:2, i.e. 125W electrodeless lamp instead of 250W metal halide lamp, and 165W instead of 250W is the best way to ensure better brightness or brightness. If 165W or 175W electrodeless lamp is used instead of 400W metal halide lamp, the number of lamps should be encrypted. Some electrodeless lamp salesmen claim that 125W or even 85W can replace 400W metal halide lamp, which is a little too exaggerated. It only needs a test to hang up the lamp to draw a practical conclusion.
9. "Poleless lamp" and "LED lamp" in the future: "Poleless lamp" and "LED lamp" are competing for the position of the fourth generation light source. Compared with the electrodeless lamp, the LED light source also has a long theoretical life, with energy saving as a selling point. Although the cost of LED is much higher than that of infinite lamp, some policy orientation and subsidized funds still prefer to LED, and its propaganda advantage is much stronger than that of infinite lamp, which makes many people know only LED but not infinite lamp, let alone use it. Especially in some projects tendered or funded by the government, energy-saving lighting products go forward. In the past, it has been equated with LED, which makes the electrodeless lamp have a certain cost-effective advantage only when some enterprises buy it with self-financing funds. But if an industry wants to be bigger and stronger, even if the products and technology are better, it will be very difficult without the government's policy support in the economic situation, which leads to the difficulty to see the emergence of large aircraft carrier-class enterprises, even if Anhui had the technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China University of Science and Technology many years ago. Where R&D pioneers and institutions are located, the enterprises of electrodeless lamps are still in the form of small batch production, order production or commissioned processing in order to reduce risks, and it is difficult to form a large-scale industrial cluster of electrodeless lamps. We hope that the "endless lamp" or "LED lamp" will replace the "third generation" of HID lamp in the near future and become the ideal light source of "high efficiency and long life".
Long life, high efficiency and energy saving
Lamplic high-efficiency UV electrodeless ultraviolet lamp has no filament or electrode inside the lamp, so the lifetime of the light source only depends on the electronic circuit of the lamp and the manufacturing technology of the lamp, and the general lifetime can reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours. High efficiency and energy saving. Maintenance-free, long life, life more than 60,000 hours. With the same luminous flux, the energy consumption is only 1/6 of that of incandescent lamp, and the luminous efficiency reaches 65Lm/W. There is no filament and electrode in the electrodeless lamp. According to the "barrel principle", the lifetime of the lamp depends mainly on the lifetime of the electrolytic capacitor and the natural attenuation of the phosphor. The lifetime of the lamp is over 60,000 hours, 60 times as long as that of the incandescent lamp and 20 times as long as that of the halogen lamp. Compared with ordinary incandescent lamp, it can save more than 80% energy.
High chromogenic property
Using fluorescent tricolor, the electro-optic conversion efficiency is high, that is, the light efficiency is high, the color rendering index is more than 80, the light is soft, the light chroma is close to sunlight, low glare, showing the natural color of the object being illuminated.
High power factor
The circuit adopts special optimization design, and the power factor is more than 95%. Among them, the power factor of high frequency electrodeless lamp can reach over 99%, the harmonic is small, and the electrical performance is excellent. No stroboscopic light source is considered as "no stroboscopic effect at all" because its working frequency is as high as 2.65MHz, which will not cause eye fatigue and protect eye health. Green environmental protection raw materials use solid mercury agent, even if broken, it will not pollute the environment, with a recovery rate of more than 99%, it is a real green light source.
Low maintenance cost
Common incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, and other gas discharge lamps have filaments or electrodes, and the sputtering effect of filaments or electrodes is exactly the necessary component to limit the service life of lamps. The electrodeless lamp has no electrodes. It emits light by combining the principle of electromagnetic induction with the principle of fluorescent discharge. Therefore, it does not have life-limiting components. Therefore, the theoretical life of the light source can be as long as 60,000 to 100,000 hours, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of replacing the light source. It is especially suitable for places where it is difficult to change lights or where safety requirements are high.
1. High efficiency and energy saving, light efficiency > 75Lm/W can save 80% energy than ordinary incandescent lamp, 60% energy than metal halide lamp and 20% energy than ordinary energy-saving lamp; 85W electrodeless lamp can replace 150W metal halide lamp (high pressure sodium lamp). Under the same visual condition, the comprehensive energy saving is more than 60%. Installing the same number of lights, using the electrodeless lamp can reduce the current of the output circuit by more than four times, and the capacity of the transformer is also greatly reduced.
2. Shock-proof and long life because the bulb has no filament and no electrodes. It works in high frequency electromagnetic coupling mode and is not afraid of vibration. Its life is 60 times longer than that of incandescent lamp and 12 times longer than that of metal halide lamp. Generally, the service life is more than 60,000 hours, which can reduce frequent maintenance, greatly reduce the number and cost of replacing light sources, save energy and money.
3. Quick start can start at low temperature, start and restart immediately, start time is less than 0.5 seconds, not limited by frequent switches, and there will be no obvious phenomenon of light fading caused by ordinary discharges with electrodes.
4. High power factor design power factor > 0.98, the power consumption of the whole set of electrodeless lamps is very close to the input power. Low harmonic content, no interference to household appliances, no pollution to the power grid. There is no radiation in the illuminated space, and it does not affect human health. The EMC index meets the national standard.
5. Environmental protection, no stroboscopic, good color rendering polar lamp using three-color rare earth phosphor as the layer, the color rendering index is more than 80, the object under illumination shows a natural color, good color reduction, is a true green light source for environmental protection. Its working frequency is as high as 2.65MHZ, and the general lamp is 50HZ, so it is regarded as "no stroboscopic effect at all", and long-term use will not cause eye fatigue.
6. The color temperature is optional, the installation adaptability is high from 2700K to 6500K, which can be selected by customers according to their needs, and can be made into color bulbs for garden decoration and lighting. Compact glass shell design, so that lamp design has greater freedom, can be installed in any direction, unlimited.
1. Long-term burning point, replacing difficult places through years of long-term testing and testing, the endless lamp can reach 100,000 hours of burning point life. For places where maintenance is difficult (such as high ceiling workshop, high precision equipment workshop, tunnel, bridge, road, energy and chemical related industries) and European and American countries where maintenance costs are very high, their value and quality are highlighted.
2. Where the light and color indexes are very high, aiming at glare, color temperature and color rendering, the electrodeless lamp has been completely ahead of all kinds of lighting products by excellence in lamp structure, reflector design, light source technology and so on. In high-precision workshop workshop, food processing and sales area, textile printing and dyeing processing area, open-air tennis court and other sports venues, has won high praise from customers.
3. Energy-saving places require higher energy-saving requirements. With its high initial light efficiency (light source efficiency exceeds 90 lm/W), long-term ignition light decay is small, which truly guarantees the excellent user experience of customers for 5 years.
4. The manufacturers of electrodeless lamps in special lighting places have been devoting themselves to exploring more widely used areas and lighting places. They have successful cases and remarkable improvements in the fields of plant lighting (red and blue spectral lighting), livestock maintenance lighting, supporting low-voltage solar energy system, DC emergency power supply system lighting and so on.
Scope of application
Because of its long life, remarkable energy-saving effect, high safety and environmental protection, it is suitable for factory workshops, school classrooms, libraries, greenhouse vegetable greenhouses, auditorium halls, conference rooms, large shopping mall ceilings, high factory buildings, sports fields, tunnels, complex traffic zones (street lights, sign lights). Bridge lights, subway stations, railway stations, dangerous areas or lighting sewer lights, city lighting floodlight, landscape greening lighting, etc., are especially suitable for high-risk and difficult to change lights and expensive maintenance of important places.
Selection Guide
The electrodeless lamp is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It transfers energy through magnetic field. Unlike ordinary fluorescent lamp, it uses electrodes to convert the external energy into the energy needed for the internal work of the lamp through electric field. Since the coupler is the key component to transmit energy, the quality of the magnet used by the coupler is very important to the quality of the endless lamp, so the choice of the endless lamp must know what core is used in the lamp.
Because the electrodeless lamp has no electrodes, there are no vulnerable components in the lamp tube, and the life of the whole system mainly depends on the electronic ballast, so the life of this kind of lamp is very long, which can reach more than 60,000 hours. It is especially suitable for places where changing lights is difficult and expensive, as well as places where safety requirements are high and important. Such as tunnels, complex traffic zones, subway stations, workshops with high ceilings, lighting in dangerous areas, halls, stadiums, etc. Installation precautions must first cut off the power supply to ensure safety. Make sure that the connection port is correct before power is turned on.
If abnormal work (self-extinguishing, scintillation) is found, the power supply should be switched off immediately and removed by professionals for inspection.
The bottom of the bulb (coupler base) and the fixture of the lamp must be firmly connected and closely contacted to ensure good heat dissipation.
The shielding line between the bulb and the high frequency generator should not be lengthened or cut short.
The bulb and high frequency generator should be grounded separately during installation.
No matter what kind of lamp is used, the shell of the lamp must be grounded.
When the light source is not connected with the lamp, the ignition time should not exceed 15 minutes (let the lamp itself play the role of heat dissipation).
When the light bulb is on or just off, you should not touch the light bulb directly with your hand to avoid scalding.
Couplers and high frequency generators should not be changed at will.
Neither the electrodeless lamp nor the high frequency generator can be installed on the lamp without radiator.
Occasionally, the endless lamp does not turn on or goes out when it is turned on. Please check the radiator of the lamps and lanterns.
If the generator is installed in a closed electrical box, the upper cover of the generator can be removed.
Lamp UV

Lamp UV
high-efficiency UV electrodeless ultraviolet lamp