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LAMPIC ,focusing on the research and development, production and sales of UV light source, and lead the development of UV application in various fields. At present, Limpic in the production of UV light sources, including LED UV light source,xenon UV light source, pulse UV light source and microwave non-polar UV light source. The products are widely used in UV curing, UV photolithography, UV medical treatment, UV sterilization and UV treatment.

UV light source is widely used in various fields of national economy and people’s livelihood. Different ultraviolet light emitting modes have different spectral characteristics and therefore are suitable for various application scenarios. Lamplic has rich field experience and development ability in the field of ultraviolet application, and cooperate with system integrators and application developers in various professional fields to provide users with the most valuable value-added services.

UV light industry experience of 20 years, the application of all walks of life experience, in the fields of optoelectronics, PCB exposure, medical devices, LCD and OLED , digital printing, offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing, floor paint curing, furniture coating, color steel coating , UV sterilization quickly, UV imaging, medical, UV and UV spectra of different fluorescent effect research fields, we have accumulated rich professional knowledge.

Lamplic new UV light curing material sector, professional challenges materials problem, to provide users with customized light curing material plan, in UV anisotropic conductive adhesive, UV isotropic conductive adhesive, UV anisotropic conductive pressure sensitive adhesive, UV delay dark curing adhesive and other special glue development, have achieved mature application results. In order to solve the adhesion problem of plastic film ink ,we specially developed a cationic photocuring ink system,which showed exceptional application characteristics in flexographic printing and gravure printing equipment, and opened up a new application market for LED UV application.

LAMPLIC, based on research and development, and guided by application, is willing to cooperate with experts and colleagues from all walks of life to create new value for the UV industry, open new markets, To provide new ideas and formulate new schemes for radical VOC emission control.

Business introduction