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The domestic development is very fast, the UVLED digital printing and the UVLED jet printing are also considered the worst market by most LED and UV manufacturers at present, but they are mainly water-cooled, and the air-cooled structure has done a lot. In fact, because of the rapid development of the LED epitaxy technology, the light output efficiency has been greatly improved, so there should be new products. To meet the needs of this market.
UVLED inkjet technology was in its infancy at that time, and its future development potential is immense. According to industry estimates, in the next few years, the overall annual addition rate of UVLED inkjet printing system will reach double digits. 1: More and more users now know and experience the advantages of UVLED technology. The application scope of UVLED technology will continue to expand, and UVLED inkjet technology is no exception. 2: The need for digital printing in user stores is becoming more and more outstanding, such as personalized printing, shopping mall inspection printing, POP display, short-form printing and variable information printing (such as number, bar code), etc., which provide an opportunity for UVLED inkjet. 3: The printing speed and quality of on-demand inkjet printing head have made great progress, especially with the development of Single Pass technology, the speed and quality of inkjet printing have reached a new level, greatly advancing the production power, which can meet the needs of industrial printing and packaging printing. This also broadens the operation of UVLED inkjet system. Use planning to create clear conditions. 4: The rapid development of combined printing methods, in traditional printers (such as flexographic printers) equipment on the UVLED ink-jet printing system will become a major addition to the UVLED ink-jet technology.
It is considered to be an environmentally friendly green technology, also known as 3E technology, namely energy saving, environmental protection and economy. UV inkjet printing is a new technology developed at the end of the twentieth century. It links the respective interests of inkjet printing technology and UV curing technology. It has both the application and operation of inkjet printing technology. The advantages of UV curing technology are economic and technological. UVLED technology is widely used in UVLED solidified inkjet printers. UVLED technology can completely replace the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp, without thermal radiation, low energy consumption, high life, low cost, high efficiency, safety and green.
Main features of UVLED inkjet printing light source:
A. Because the ultraviolet radiation emitted by UVLED can cure the ink immediately, this saves the monotonous time needed by other technologies and greatly advances the production power.
B. UVLED curing technology can also reduce the "two-way delay band" appearance in the curing process. Generally speaking, UVLED curing technology can not only simplify the printing process, but also enable those end users who do not have screen printing knowledge to achieve the desired printing effect.
C. Suitable for a variety of substrates: flexible or rigid, absorbable non-absorbable materials;
D. Energy saving and cost reduction, UVLED inkjet printing light source also has a variety of preemptive functions and environmental protection, compared with traditional metal halide lamps, UVLED light source can save 2/3 of the energy, the life of the use of UVLED chip is more than the traditional UV lamp, another important benefit of UVLED technology is that UVLED does not need preheating time, can be based on. It needs to be turned on or off at any time.
E. No or little organic solvent transpiration. UV light source is used in UV inkjet printing. UV light source does not contain mercury. It belongs to environmental protection commodities.
F. UVLED curing system does not generate heat. UVLED technology can significantly reduce the heat of curing process, so we can print on thin plastics and other materials by UV.
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Digital printing code jet printer