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UV Type of light


The parallel light source

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The utility model relates to a high-power integrated parallel illumination head of a blue spectrum Rick integrated UVLED parallel light source, which belongs to the lighting [technical field]. The parallel illumination head of the UVLED includes a shell, the shell is a box or cylinder with a hollow cavity, and the shell is provided with an installation hole for fixing the irradiation head and the outside; a cylindrical lens is arranged on the upper part of the shell, the cylindrical lens is a convex lens; and a light guide plate is arranged on the shell. The inner part of the shell is connected with the shell, the light guide plate is connected with the cylindrical lens, an integrated UVLED light source is located at the lower part of the shell, the integrated UVLED light source is located at the focal point of the cylindrical lens, and the heat dissipation module is located inside the shell and connected with the shell, and the dispersion is described. The thermal module is connected with the integrated UVLED light source. The parallel light emitter produces parallel light, which makes the beam more uniform and less stray light. The cooling module has cooling water circulation channel, which has better cooling effect.

Floor curing carFloor curing car

The parallel light source