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UV Type of light


Gravure flexo light source

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The light sources are mainly distributed in the following categories:
(1) UV-C short-wave ultraviolet radiation: the wavelength range is 180-280 nm, used for plate post-processing.
(2) UV-B medium-wave ultraviolet radiation: wavelength range 280-320 nm, generally not used in plate making.
(3) UV-A long-wave ultraviolet radiation: wavelength range 320-400 nm, UV-A used for printing plate back exposure, main exposure and post exposure. At present, the mainstream cold light sources for gravure printing and flexo printing are mainly water-cooled light sources, whose wavelength is controlled at 385 or 395 nm. The actual use depends mainly on the type of ink suitable for use.
The utility model belongs to the printing field, and more specifically relates to a full gravure printing machine with LED-UV cold light source, comprising a unwinding conveying device (00) and a plurality of printing machines (10). The unwinding conveying device (00) is used to convey the printing material (0) to a printing machine (10) for printing in turn, and its characteristics are as follows: (10) Gravure presses with LED-UV cold light source. The LED-UV cold light source gravure printer disclosed by the utility model can effectively solve the shrinkage phenomenon of the printing surface, ensure the printing quality, reduce energy consumption, and prolong the service life of the lamp tube.
Due to the relatively few matching ink manufacturers in this market, it is still thunderous and raindrops are small. Real full-solid UV-LED scheme has not been seen yet. It may be difficult to fully-solid low-stick ink.

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Gravure flexo light source