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UV Type of light


Surface light source

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UV surface light source is an important direction for the development of UV LED light source products. Traditional LED light source belongs to laser products, so the more power the more dazzling, not suitable for children's family use, but led surface light source does not have this problem. Traditional LED high-power light source has small heat dissipation surface, even with a large number of radiators, it can not quickly derive heat, so the light decay is fast. The same power radiation surface of LED surface light source is tens of times larger, and the radiation effect is very good, which can be close to the life (5000-10000). The traditional LED must use lens, which increases the cost and reduces the light angle of view.

Many bulb lamps will produce uneven light. Traditional LED lamps are combined into one lamp with many solder joints, more faults and less solder joints of surface light source. It is easy to install and suitable for wide promotion. Because of the flexible combination characteristics of LED, surface light source can be designed for various shapes of different sizes and energy, especially suitable for personalized production and use.


400*150 365nm


700*600 385nm

Due to the flexible combination of LEDs, the surface light source can be designed in various sizes and energy forms, which is especially suitable for individual production.

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Circuit board UV three anti-paint

Surface light source