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UV Type of light


line light source

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UVLED Blue Spectrum Rick Linear Light Source is mainly used in the fields of microelectronics, liquid crystal, PCB, optical communication, optical curing, curing of high-grade furniture UV paint, spraying curing of handicraft products, TFT-LCD liquid crystal panel filling mouth packaging, and curing of touch screen water gluing side.
Ultraviolet LED linear light source is usually a line of multiple UVLED beads (or integrated chips), which emits linear light and forms a line, called linear light source. Ultraviolet LED light source irradiator, high purity irradiation, no thermal radiation and deep ultraviolet influence, long service life, and the use of cable output, for you to reduce the cost of equipment consumables, compared with the same period of the UV-LAMP power consumption is low, does not contain mercury, is a new energy-saving and environmental protection products, so that the UV curing products faster and more efficient. Green, safer and more environmentally friendly.
The LED light source is a cold light source, without thermal radiation. The temperature of the irradiated product is almost unchanged, and it will not cause damage to the irradiated object.
The LED light source only takes glue absorption spectrum, which is only 15% of the power consumption of traditional mercury lamp. It does not need to be preheated instantly to light up, and instantly achieves 100% power ultraviolet output. The irradiation angle is about half-angle 2, and the intensity can reach 3000mW/cm2. The curing effect is very prominent.
The machine uses a miniature fuselage, only 1/8 of the original volume of the high-pressure mercury lamp irradiator, and the irradiation head is drawn from the back of the fuselage, which makes the equipment easy to integrate into the fully automatic production line and equipment, and saves a lot of workspace.
Mercury, a non-toxic substance, does not produce ozone, is safer and more environmentally friendly, and is the best substitute for traditional light sources.
Cost reduction, direct LED irradiation, simple equipment, no need to output optical cables, reduce the loss of optical cables;
The life of LED chips imported from abroad is considerable, reaching more than 20,000 hours.
Unlike the traditional irradiation mode, the UV-LED linear light source irradiator can be switched on and off immediately without waste of irradiation.
UV-LED can integrate the line light source in optics and driver according to customer's demand.
Independent control of multiple LED irradiation heads can be applied to multiple independent stations requiring single output, effectively reducing equipment configuration. Multiple LED irradiation heads can also control sequential irradiation through computer programming mode, further supporting high-precision connection requirements and reducing the time error caused by human operation.
Fan heat dissipation mode, stable radiation power output, prolong service life.


line light source