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UV Type of light


Point Light

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  Due to the use of LED lighting mode, the lifetime of UV point light source is more than 25,000 hours (continuous ignition life). It is energy-saving design. It is only lit when it needs irradiation. The power consumption is low: about 50W. (Traditional UV curing machine, lamp life is generally 1000 hours, high power consumption, power supply 30KW). The LED point light source fuselage is 27*12*18cm3, which can be easily integrated into the automatic assembly process, or used as a complete desktop system, or can be installed in small devices. The LED irradiation head is controlled by computer CPU. It can choose manual or automatic control operation according to the actual needs, and set the time required for illumination (accurate to 0.01S) to further support the high-precision connection demand and reduce the time error of artificial operation. LED curing equipment produces almost no heat, is not fragile, does not contain mercury; does not require maintenance costs (traditional curing machine lamp working temperature: 500 C, fragile, mercury; maintenance costs: a number). The special concentrating lens assembly equipped with the new UV point light source also makes its energy highly concentrated on the curing point, and improves the curing efficiency of the UV glue. It can illuminate four channels (each device can be equipped with four LED tubes) at the same time to increase the area.

  The UV light produced by the traditional curing machine looks bright and has high heat. In fact, its spectrum is very wide. A part of the energy in the effective curing UV spectrum is only in the visible light (stray light) and generates heat. It causes serious damage to the operator's eyes and is easy for the processors. The thermal deformation of the workpiece is irradiated by the point light source of LED, which emits high purity 365 nm monochrome ultraviolet light, which belongs to the cold light source; the temperature of the workpiece rises only about 3 degrees, the workpiece will not deform, and its energy is highly concentrated in a certain ultraviolet spectral band with effective curing effect, which is the ultraviolet of the point light source of UV-LED although only about 200 mw. Light intensity, but its actual use effect and light intensity 1000-2000 MW high-pressure mercury lamp curing effect is not the same as the main reason, usually shorten the curing time to 0.5-5 seconds.


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Point Light